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Resplendent Birth

Doula Services by Kristina Neville

What would a resplendent birth feel like to you, can you envisage it?

Humour me for a moment, close your eyes and picture  the birth of your dreams. Where are you, what can you see, hear and taste, who is with you? If you feel you would like to make your own fully informed choices regarding your body, baby and birth then I would truly love to care for you and support you and your partner through this incredibly transformative journey.

About Me


I have always cared for and been truly interested in people, so after achieving a BA Honours degree in German and Russian from the University of Bristol, I joined British Airways as cabin crew so I could meet people from all over the world.

The relationship and connection we develop together is a wonderful way in which I can help you achieve the most resplendent birth for you.  I am so passionate about birthing mothers having all their wishes met in their birth experience and how significant this is for humanity as a whole.

I trained to be a doula with Kicki Hansard at Birthbliss Academy because I truly believe how valuable a doula, with continuity of care, can be in service to a birthing mother, helping her feel safe, well-informed, in control and reassured. I will remind you to trust in your body and in your beliefs from your birth choices. I will be there to help with antenatal care and knowledge, all the guidance and support you wish for the birth, and truly nurture you and your baby in your postpartum. Please just ring me for a chat about your wishes, I am here to help.






Birth Services


Pregnancy Dress
  • We will discuss any previous birth experiences and fully explore all the antenatal requirements and birth preferences you have.

  • I will teach you all about birth physiology to help you feel fully prepared and informed.

  • By request I can suggest personal yoga sequences and meditation. I could share my interests in forest bathing, local walks and a love of being in nature, which are so beneficial for our well-being. 

  • If you feel you would benefit from alternative therapies  I would be happy to recommend local practitioners.

  • We can have at least 2 x 2 hour sessions tailored to your interests.


Image by Hu Chen

      Your birth package will include:

  • 2 x 2hr antenatal sessions, so we can form our relationship and you can tell me all of your birth preferences and wishes. I can give you all the reassurance and information you require.

  • I will be contactable by email and phone if you have any concerns or questions.

  • I will then be on call for the birth 10 days before your due date and for 2 weeks afterwards. I will support you and your partner during the birth and will not leave you after the birth until you feel you want me to!

  •  I offer one postnatal session of 2 hours to talk about the birth and help you with any postnatal needs including breastfeeding.

  • If you prefer a shared care experience, I work with other wonderful doulas.



Newborn Baby
  • The most important aspect of postnatal care is for the mother to rest and feed her baby. I will help and support you to accomplish this. 

  • I am happy to help with light housework and meal preparation.

  • I am guided by you, we can discuss and plan what I can do that would help you most at this beautiful, precious and transformative time.


Contact Me

Please send me your details so we can meet and discuss your resplendent birth.

Thanks for submitting!






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